About Orib

Human always looks for converting Ideas, dreams and ideals into reality. Buildings and structures are among these goals which still is going on. Thanks to the advanced technology, achieving the goals and ideas is possible with highest efficiency and quality at very short period of time. In this regard, space frame, with superior advantageous over the other construction methods such as strength, quick performance and cost, has been the center of attention throughout the world.


“Orib Space Frame” was established in 2001 with the aim of introducing, manufacturing and performing modern structures in the country. Now, we are proud to announce that Orib has obtained different success steps. This owes to the help of Almighty Allah, wise employers, professional designers, and daring engineers.


Achieving the best Iranian brand in designing, manufacturing and performing metallic as well as space frame structures with world class approach.

Mission statement

Converting the architectural idea into construction reality with the approach of reducing cost, quality improvement and customer focus.

Production department

Production department is composed of: Primary materials warehouse, Products  warehouse, CNC  Products line, Niches and steel structure line, space structures members production line, pedestrian bridge production work shop and space structures components machinery workshop.

Technical department

Technical department is composed of: Design group, Calculation group, Drawing group, mapping group, technical archive and IT group

Implementation department

Implementation department is composed of: Assembly teams, Projects managers and Site managers.

Assembly process is one of the most important part of space structures construction that requires to design with precision and particular loading and exact prognosis. This process can be done with special tools and professional manpower and Orib company has good experiences and notability in this feature.

Commercial department

Commercial department is composed of: Domestic sales group, International trade development group, Affairs of suppliers and Agencies.

Quality of raw materials and validation of suppliers has been considered especially in this section.

International group communicates with employers in other countries especially in neighboring countries.

R&D department

Oribco has equipped a separate manufactory with about 2000 m2 area in 18km Fath highway. Tehran. Iran for research and development activity and production of new device and machines.


Positive feedback
Projects completed


Orib company has been successful to establish Integrated management system and use international standards in Design, Production and Performance of space structures.

The quality and rapidity of projects performance has been confirmed by private and governmental employers.

Please contact to Orib`s public relations if you need the contact information of employers.

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